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Ten Common Laundry Myths Debunked

February 03, 2021

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It feels like a game of he said she said, but we’re here to make things clear. We take pride in ensuring your clothes are well taken care of, so here are 10 most common “facts” about laundry that turn out to be myths!

1. Hairspray Removes Ink

Back then, hairsprays were made with alcohol, which helps eliminate ink stains on clothes. But in today’s modern world, most hairsprays do not even contain alcohol, and even worse, can actually create stains! So don’t be fooled by this old tall tale. 

2. Rinse with Coffee to Keep Black Clothes Black 

Warning, please don’t be the one person running to Starbucks around the corner to purposely spill on your faded black clothes. Coffee may temporarily color fabric, but it will not keep your black clothes from fading. 

3. The More Detergent, the Cleaner your Clothes

More is NOT better when it comes to laundry detergent. The truth of the matter is, too much detergent could actually deposit soil onto our clothing through the excessive suds floating around in the washing machine. 

4. It’s best to treat all Stains from the outside of your clothes

Trying to rub a stain out on fabric from the outside or front of your clothes can actually push the stain further into the fabric fibers. By turning your clothes inside out and clean if from the inside, you can push the stain out of the fabric. 

5. Bleach Enhances the Strength of Laundry Detergent

So it’s proven that chlorine bleach and detergent can potentially cancel each other out and leave our clothes looking dull. The best way to add bleach to your laundry is to wait about 5 minutes after the wash cycle begins to add your bleach. You can also add baking soda at the same time to enhance the bleach’s whitening power!

6. Hot Water Eliminates all Germs

Hot water alone does not kill all bacteria. That’s where disinfectants come into play. For example, chlorine bleach or pine oil will be the hero when it comes to sanitizing your laundry and the washer at the same time.

7.High Heat in the Dryer will Shrink Clothes

There are multiple reasons as to why our clothes shrink. Some fabrics shrink due to the temperature of the water during the wash cycle. Be sure to read the labels on your clothing before throwing them in the washer!

8. Lint Build up is No Big Deal

Lint build up can cause potential danger and higher energy bills. Make it a habit to empty the lint trap before you start a new load in the dryer. This will help your dryer dry clothes more efficiently and in a safer way.

9. Fabric Softener is Always a Must

Fabric softener is great for making clothes soft, but did you know that it might not be the best for towels and other fabrics used to absorb liquid? It turns out, the more fabric softener you use on towels, the less absorbent they become. 

10. More Clothes Crammed in the Washer will Conserve Water and Energy

Washing machines reach optimal cleaning power when they’re about two-thirds full at the most! If the machine is too packed, there won’t be enough room for the detergent to disperse and clean all your clothes, meaning you will have to wash them again.

So there you have it! I hope this blog helped you learn something new and possibly keep a few bucks in your pocket where it belongs!

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