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Taking Care of Pet Hair

January 28, 2021

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So you consider yourself a clean person. You take care of your personal grooming and your clothes are always clean. But no matter what you do, you can’t leave the house without pet hair on your clothes. The last dog we got was a short haired dog so we wouldn’t have to deal with as much hair as when we had a long haired golden retriever. Ha! I could build another dog with the amount of hair our current dog leaves around the house.

So how do you get rid of, or at least reduce the amount of dog hair on your clothing?  One, if your dog gets on your furniture (with permission or not) be sure to vacuum those couches and chairs at least once a week. Also brush Fluffy at least once a week to remove those loose hairs before they hit your floor.

Also, be sure to clean your washing machine. Run an empty wash and then take a wet cloth and wipe down your machine. Make sure to clean out the lint trap after every load. Most laundromats are taking cleaning very seriously right now so the machines at the laundry are most likely very clean when you use them.

Before putting them in the wash, run a lint roller over your clothes. Also run your clothes through a 10 minute no-heat dryer cycle. This will loosen that pet hair. If you throw in a dryer sheet this will help with static build up. When you wash your clothes use some vinegar in the water. This will reduce static cling and help release any pet hair from your clothing.

Sometimes pet hair feels like glitter, you can’t shake it loose. But by using these tips you might just have a fighting chance.

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