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There is no shame in upping your Netflix game. I would say it's Shameless!

February 08, 2021

S07x08 You Sold Me The Laundromat Remember

Have you been upping your Netflix game since COVID’s been in town? Who hasn’t? Well, there’s no shame in that… Speaking of no shame, have you checked out that show on Netflix Shameless? Pretty funny, dramatic, and addicting all at the same time, I’d say. In this Showtime original series, one of the main characters Fiona Gallagher purchases a laundromat in order to have something of her own. But part of the deal is to allow the current owner to live upstairs with her many cats- that darn old cat lady! So sweet, but a little too confused, and in a daze. The place is initially a dump, but Fiona eventually fancies up the place and the laundromat is a success!

Well, we’ll tell you one thing. Parmer Laundromat doesn’t have an old cat lady living upstairs, and we definitely don't have a herd of cats roaming around owning the place. But what we do have is some fun surprises coming soon… We’ll give you a tiny sneak peek… We got brand spankin’ new state-of-the-art front loader washers starting at $2.25 a load. Is that considered cheap laundromat service? Come check out our reviews from happy customers and find out! These machines will not only wash your clothes, but it will take care of that pesky cat (and dog, hamster, goat, you name it) hair too ;) Come swing by to check out what other surprises we’ll have in store for you here at Parmer Laundromat!

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