​Parmer Laundromat Reviews & Testimonials

Our customers' satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Please read a few of our many recent 5 Star Reviews left by our satisfied customers!

Great staff. The place is always clean, and there are plenty of machines to choose from.

So clean, and SUPER CHEAP! I wouldn't have believed it, but they actually vacuumed the filters at the end of the night every night. If you must go to a laundromat, go here!

Clean, friendly staff and close to home.

The guy who worked at night, Greg, was super. Very helpful dude.

Nice they kept it clean.

Awesomest laundromat I've ever been to! Definitely my "go to" place from now on.

They are always so convenient and good customer service.

I finally found a good laundromat! It’s kept clean and tidy, and prices to wash and dry are more than fair. Everyone is required to wear a mask which can’t be said for other laundromats in the area.