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The New Norm in 2021: Making Laundry Easy

February 28, 2021

Customers Saying

A new year, a new laundry trend. As the epidemic continues to linger into 2021, a new way to wash clothes has not only become a trend, but is becoming the norm. Check out the following services Parmer Laundromat has to offer to keep up with the demand.

1) Wash and Fold

Many people feel safer dropping off their laundry and having the laundromat wash, dry, and fold it for them. All you need to do is bring your dirty laundry to the store and then come back and pick up your already folded, clean clothes. We take care of the dirty work. 

2) Pick up and Delivery 

Why even leave your home to get laundry done when we can pick up and deliver for FREE? Parmer Laundromat actually drives to your home to pick up your dirty laundry and then brings them back either the same day or next day all cleaned and folded.


So, why the change? Why are so many people not doing their own laundry? Many people work hard and work long hours. Many work multiple jobs. When they go home from a long day at work or finally have a day off, doing laundry is not what they want to do. Those who work hard need time to relax and unwind from their stressful jobs.

On the other hand, there are some professionals who earn more in an hour than what they could save by washing their own clothes. Time is very valuable, and It doesn’t make sense for them to do their own laundry.

Life is busy. Make it more convenient to save time and enjoy doing things that are fun and important to you. 

Check out the new delivery trends that have exploded in the past year:

-Food Delivery

-Grocery Delivery

-Transportation Delivery (Lyft, Uber)

-General goody delivery (Amazon)


Why not add Laundry to your list? Laundry is our business.  Let us do yours!

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