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Tips to Store Seasonal Clothes

May 13, 2021

Clothes In Storage Container (1)
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Winter is over in Central Texas and spring is finally here! Time to pack away those warm winter clothes and that comforter that would be too thick for the summer. Here are some tips for seasonal clothing storage

  • Launder all items, treat all the stains and dry them well before putting into storage. Otherwise, wet or damp clothes can attract mold, mildew and moths. Stains can worsen overtime if not treated properly.
  • We suggest storing your clothes in either fabric or canvas bins or plastic containers. Airtight plastic containers can be a practical choice but make sure clothes are completely dry since residual moisture can cause mold and mildew build up. Avoid cardboard boxes since they can attract insects.
  • Store your clothes in a clean, cool, dark and dry to protect your clothing from heat, insects and fading from exposure.
  • Only hang items that would be wrinkled by being folded. Sweaters or knit items can sag from long-term hanging.


As always, if you are too busy and ready to take the first step in having all of your winter clothes laundered to be stored until next year, please schedule with us by clicking the “Schedule a Pickup” button on top of the page. Our laundry professionals are experts in folding, organizing so all you would have to do is place them in storage. Save those hours wrestling with laundry and enjoy life now that COVID is almost behind us!

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