​Laundromat in Austin with Wash & Fold and Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service

Parmer Laundromat

12505 Rampart St Ste A
Austin, TX 78727
Hours of Operation:
7AM - 10PM

Parmer Laundromat in Austin is located in a small shopping center. We are located a couple of blocks off of Mopac Highway and Parmer. Our washeteria is located next to a foot massage, a hair salon, and a dog grooming salon.

We offer wash and fold for customers in and around Austin. We have self service machines at our location. Parmer Laundromat offers pickup and delivery laundry service for the busy people who need some relief from their chores. We also have free pickup for commercial laundry and linen cleaning.

Whatever kind of laundry service you need, Parmer Laundromat will provide it!